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Look at that - Junior year, with only three days left when I actually have to be in a classroom. One of them for only two and a half hours.

I'm not going to complain about how dreadful this year often was. Come next friday, I intend to forget all but the good. What was the good? My friends. My amazing, funny, tolerant friends. Without them, I'd be writing this from the loony bin right now.

Ah, and I have a new obsession. Hetalia. (Don't throw stuff! Wait and hear me out! *hides behind a book*) Kristin tried to get me into it at the beginning of the year, but I wasn't impressed, until I chose to look up what they had for the revolutionary war. And there went my heart -right out the window. I know a lot of people have issues with it because of the pairings. I was never before interested in any gay pairing for characters that for all the evidence were straight (Harry Potter and Superntaural being prime examples). I know a lot of girls are into that, but it just never interested me. I don't have anything against it.

From the first time I noticed artwork I knew to be from Hetalia, though, all I'd SEEN was pairings. And most of them were cute as anything. I went info-fishing and it turns out that even in the series there are several CANON gay pairings. So they brought it on themselves. :) So now I write fanfics (or the best of them I can without actually having read or watched the actual series), mostly fluffy stuff for the strained relationship between England and America. I'm working on a much darker fic, though, with Seychelles at the center of it. She's not strictly with anyone, though several boys chase her, and there are plenty of hints at other couples. The collage I'm uploading, one of the several I intend to make, is pieced together with characters in my story, mostly involving Seychelles.

So there you have it - take it or leave it. I'll be putting the fanfics on here, in case anyone is interested. Oh - and don't come to me with hatred, because I am extremely MEAN to haters. Ask the witchy girl in my Chem class, as she brought it on herself. Apart from that, I wish you all the best of luck, health, and sleep. I would be interested to know if anyone actually reads these . . .
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Angela, the Catcher of Stars
United States
Let's talk about writers. I emagine you've heard a lot about us: that we're eccentric, overly-theatrical, romantic smart-asses who are at any time a hair's breadth from insanity. There is some truth to those assumptions, but as you'll learn when you try to pigeon-hole people, not everyone fits every stereotype. I, for example, am not very theatrical at all. I'm equally as realistic and fatalistic as I am a romantic, and my humor ranges from sarcasticly biting to downright hostile. And as for the insanity? I'd like to explain that it is not a character trait; it's the result of having dozens of different personalities and possibilities bouncing off the walls of your skull, without any respite, even in sleep. Characters you are emotionally ATTACHED to enduring horrible tribulations and bittersweet happiness at your own hand. You are their god, and their slave. And there is no OFF button. Homework, social lives and sleep all take a backseat to the deep compulsion that grips you when the need to write rears its head. It IS madness. And then having to look at those around you and realize that they don't have that chaos running rampant inside their heads? You WONDER why we have people issues.

Well, now that you understand what it means to be a writer, I'll tell you a little bit about what it means to be me. I have extremely high standards, especially when it comes to men. I also apply those same expectations to myself, and am defintitely my own greatest critic. I am intensely loyal to my friends, and I would fight dragons, popular girls, and every boy on the planet to keep them safe. I could do things for their sake I'd never dream of being able to do for myself. My excess of imagination is both a wonderful gift and a debilitating curse. I am a former optimist, now a devout pessimist, at least in regards to the big picture of life. I don't believe in fate or any of the dieties (and yes, that includes the plainly named Christian 'God'). I adore words, African wildlife, novels, music, and art. I keep an iron wall around me and my heart, and plan to keep it there for a very long time. I hate the sun, and have to consistently explain to people who don't know the definition of 'ablino' that no, I do not fit the criteria. There is infact a difference between having little pigment in your skin and having none whatsoever. I am inspired by everything, and pursue knowledge like an addict pursues their chosen narcotic. I have a deep-rooted tendency to avoid pain of any sort. I roll my eyes a lot, probably more than anyone else you've ever met. My philosopy in life is to try to enjoy what happiness you find, to do as little harm as possible, to not focus on regret, and to try and leave the world somehow better for you having been in it. Even if it was just to make someone a little wiser, or to cheer up someone who needed cheering. I would vrey likely die without chocolate.

Life is a hell of a thing to happen to a person. So give it hell right back - every chance you get.

Current Residence: California, which contrary to public opinion is not always sunny, and not as overflowing with free thinkers as I'd like, though I shudder to think what the rest of this country is like if we're considered the most progressive.

Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Easy Listening, Country, Movie Soundtracks, the last generation's music . . . ours is not nearly so impressive

Favourite photographer: Alnour

Personal Quote: Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

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